Thursday, 5 April 2012

Yeah....................  I had completed my Advance Diploma Study 

Yesterday I was so so Happy because I was finished Advance Diploma final exam paper...^^ after the exam my classmate has organized a gathering for our AQS members at  创发海鲜鱼翅火锅饭店 have a dinner. Besides that, we also booked a room with the K Box facility in that restaurant, so every one are able to enjoy the singing while having a dinner I can see that all my classmate are very happy and very enjoy that particular moment such as we has taking photo with each other, having a shouting "Yam.......... Seng........" with Chinese Teh!!! hahahaha......., joking with each, etc. In that moment I was felt so so ... touching, and felt that the time is gone very fast which is the time that gathered with the AQS memebers..Besides that, I also felt regret during such period of time I dint spend much time and have a chances to knew them and close to each other... but they still had given a greatly memory when  each time we gathered and hang out for fun...^^ I will always keep this friendship inside my heart and would not forget it.

This is our Big family picture 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Girls Generations concert

Yesterday ... I was attending the Girls Generation concert together with my lovely classmate at KLCC, and there are the huge numbers of people turn up for waiting their idols.Therefore, we force to see the concert in the very crowed environment, it is tremendously hot and hard to breath, after we had waiting such long a hours by standing there for just looking forward the moment of the Girls Generations arrives. Besides that, this is my 1st time to experienced such a big concert, so far I dint felt excited as like those Girls Generation fans because I just going there for fun and pick up some pictures and just simply shot the every moment that I could, during the concert from the beginning to the end. Here.... is some pictures which has taken from the concert it is not much but it is meaningful to me...^^

                      The moment we waiting for the concert looking at the KlCC it was tall and beautiful

                                                  Finally, Girl Generation was turn up Yeah !!!!

 Another angle of the the shot this picture it is quite far from where I am standing so end up the Girls   Generation in this picture was looked tiny.............haha

Thursday, 1 March 2012

R.I.P 三哥

Recently my brother was past away his is committed in to suicide....why he did that ?? as I knew that I heard a little bit about his life, he is a bad temper creature since his is young. So some time he can't control his temper when facing a problems caused some argument arose with family members as well as his own family with a very young cute daughter, unfortunately after a few year married it was divorced and caused him become more rebel ...... Furthermore, he always like to go Genting Gambling by ignored his job, and unluckily he was borrowed the huge amount of money from 'peoples'to compensate his lost on his gambling...haizz at the end he was lost all the money that borrowed and he was hidden himself don't contact with family even though my sister had called him several times he was ignored it... until my sister had successfully contacted him but the sad thing is he said his was not a part of  this family due to some reasons that he felt something that unfair to him live in this family... then after a few weeks later my sister had received a bad news regarding to him it is committed in to suicide... after that, all our relative and family was get stunned by such bad news as well as my mother, at the beginning I was really worried about my mother because she was old and scare that she can't accept the fact caused her extremely unhappy or else heart attack !!!!! but under experted that my mother was try to relax herself after received the incident  regarding my brother dead. I knew that inside my mother heart sure would felt sad about it, but my mother pretended that not a big deal at all. well, about my brother dead all his nephew and nieces was cried, and some of them are still young so do not know what  is going on.... I hope that when they growth up would love his own life and not to be addicted with gambling.

Finally... I hope my brother would rest in piece and bless all of us in the heaven .. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Beautiful Dawn

This pictures is taken from  23 Oct 2011 during the evening time. I felt it is a fate between such moment and me when I am sitting in front of the my PC suddenly a orange colour strong light past through my windows,   and I try to looked out from the windows it was a stunning dawn in front me so I quickly taking out my camera to taken down such beautiful stunning picture. The sun just like an orange and background was fully fantastic.